WEB DESIGNQuick: What’s the very first impression your current website has on a viewer?

If you think that visitors to your website need more than 5 seconds to be convinced that they should buy from you, it’s time to do some refining. Website design is no longer an adjunct to overall marketing efforts. It is now the first face of your business and your only chance to spark interest in your product or service. If they’re not sold immediately, they’ll be clicking on someone else’s page before you can say “drop it

Blacksmith Marketing will create a precision-cast web design that immediately relays your unique brand and engages your target market the instant your home page loads. Better yet, we’ll build it with an underlying dynamic strength and interactivity that compels your visitors to become your customers.

Our clients’ websites are strong and beautiful, because they integrate search engine-friendly architecture and site design with state-of-the-art videography, social media interface, and riveting content that drives conversions. Our creative artists capture your brand and enhance your image, while our programmers lay a strong core foundation for speed, accessibility and seamless lead generation.

Whether you need a brand new website, a sandblast cleanup, or just a spot weld, Blacksmith will meet with you, analyze competition and opportunity, and design a fully functional website that leaves a beautiful and lasting impression.