The importance of video in your marketing campaign cannot be overemphasized. Internet users love video, and Google and other search engines know it – that’s why they rank websites with video content higher than those without video. Engaging, high quality video can be interfaced with social media strategy so you’ll get more likes, shares and tweets. It also builds trust and converts your site visitors into customers better than any other element of your internet marketing strategy.

But no one wants to watch, share, or purchase from a company that uses low-quality video.

Creative, high-production value videography is where Blacksmith really shines. We have expert videographers, cinematographers and photographers. We work with a variety of clients on projects such as TV commercials, web videos, promotional, training and trade-show videos, national ad campaigns, product spots and more.

We start our creative development with your goals in mind and work from the ground up. We’ll never use a template or an overused visual cliché. We hire experienced actors and work with all styles of high-end motion graphics to relay your message in a compelling and effective way.

Blacksmith is your go-to firm for:

  • Cinematography, videography, and photography
  • Expert edits from import to delivery
  • Skillful color grading to fit your look
  • Motion graphics, visual FX, and sound design