REPUTATION MANAGEMENTIf your business isn’t a multi-national corporation with a recognizable name and a die-cast reputation, internet users who land on your page won’t be sure if you’re safe or reliable, or even if you’ll deliver what you promise.

Most internet users have a healthy skepticism when it comes to what they read online. They know that fly-by-nights appear, collect money, and disappear, and they know that even the most spectacularly-designed websites might not quite capture the not-so-wonderful essence of the business.

That’s why Reputation Management is critical to your overall internet marketing campaign. Internet users swarm to well-rated companies and products, and shun those who seem to be floating in an alternate universe with no real human feedback or credibility.

Blacksmith Marketing is expert at aligning your online brand image with your actual business. We provide ways to encourage positive reviews and we’ll frame customer feedback in a way that solidifies your reputation in your prospect’s mind.

We’ll help you build a positive online reputation, and we’ll monitor and manage it too. Because when you have a great reputation online, you have a great-looking bottom line.