EMAIL MARKETINGThe planning and implementation of your email campaign can mean the difference between a sale and a message that gets trashed before it’s even opened.

Smart business owners know that email marketing is the critical point between your happenin’ website and that pleasant “ka-CHING” sound. There are lots of truly effective email marketing services out there – and maybe you’ve already started working with one.

The problem is: Who’s got the time to regularly write weekly email content that provides relevance to each individual on your list in a way that’s clickable but not spammy?

Blacksmith Marketing will take care of it. From the opt-in offer to the frequency plan to the content-crafting to the analytics, we’ve got it covered. We’ll take your message, grow your list, create value-packed offers, and stay on top of a delivery schedule that keeps your product at top-of-mind without pestering your subscribers.