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When it comes to powerful internet marketing, Blacksmith nails it.

Today, business strength comes from internet muscle.

You need a well-crafted, search engine optimized, mobile-friendly website. You need interactivity, plus relevant and engaging content.

Word of mouth is important too. But word of mouth exists mainly in social media now. And mobile marketing is rapidly overtaking all other forms of traditional promotion.

Yes, your stellar customer service and killer location are great. But without an effective website that appears at the top of that Google search, no one’s ever going to find out how wonderful you are.

Blacksmith Marketing will get you there.

It’s all about your Return On Investment (ROI)

Powerful internet marketing is a full-time job. But time is money. If you’ve already tried to produce your own website, video, Pay-Per-Click ads, SEO, Facebook, mobile or email campaigns, then you’ve already found out the hard way: Internet marketing is not for the faint-of-heart or the short-of-time.

Maybe you’ve hired an “expert” to do it for you, but are disappointed with the results. We hear ya. It’s an internet marketing jungle out there, and almost anyone can put up a site called “Internet Marketing Specialist.”

Only a few firms can offer you the high level of expertise, experience and creative talent to actually punch up your company image AND your bottom line from Day One. Blacksmith Marketing is one of those few.

What makes us different?

Online marketing firms are a dime a dozen, and the internet can be a very cold place with most firms communicating via arms-length electronics.

At Blacksmith Marketing, we believe in personal one-to-one communication. We believe in servicing a limited number of clients so that we can fully commit to your sales success. We are actual human beings who answer the phone when you call.

You won’t find any novices here either. Our team’s got years of experience and massive technical and artistic talent. When you hire Blacksmith, you harness an expert team of internet-savvy marketers and creative talent who will zero in on your company to tap into its full potential.

Go ahead. Test our mettle.

Take a look at our demo reel and cruise our site to see how Blacksmith Marketing builds your online marketing program incrementally. We’ll control your costs and incorporate all the elements for impactful conversions with ironclad results.

Whether you’re looking to develop and market a new website or you are looking to fully monetize the site you already have, call Blacksmith. We’ll increase awareness of your brand, your customer base and your profits.

Bruce started his business in the garage.
Now he dominates his niche.
Here’s how it’s done.

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